Marzieh Beheshti

SEO specialist and Digital Marketer

About me

I have a master’s degree in e-commerce. I have been working with numerous companies in SEO and Digital Marketing. I am a motivated, responsible, and diligent person. I have extremely eager to team working, and I can conduct the team to reach toward the company’s aspirations, apart from my ability in making the optimal decision in critical circumstances. I am interested in expanding my knowledge and update it, and I permanently, spend time on it

Digital Marketing

I can create an advertising campaign to promote your product, services and improve online sells I use some tools to analyze data like Google Analytics, webmaster tools, hotjar



It’s not important to your website design with WordPress CMS or with programming languages. I can help you to improve your organic visitors from Google



 I can design your website with WordPress CMS by standard UI and UX design. you can see my portfolio design web 


SEO is an art and every artist has a special way, SEO is my main specialty

My belief in work

I take the view that we can be the best in any affair and it happens when we concentrate on our skills

:Contact – +98-9173027056

she is so smart and has a discipline in her work

Hossein Zarnegar

she is smart and has professional skills

Ehsan Tamis