Digital marketing Portfolio


Digital marketing for

  1. Performing structural and technical changes on the site and fixing error 404
  2. Changing the UI of the site
  3. Simplifying purchases by UX
  4. Nurturing online advertisements
  5. Promoting the content of the site and determining the content strategy
  6. Sharing content on social media
  7. Setting some strategies and creating innovative campaigns to increase the sale
  8. Rising the sales range up to 40%
  9. Setting some goals in Google Analytics to analyze truly

Digital marketing for

  1. Determining the team’s KPI
  2. Determining content strategy to boost the website according to SEO rules
  3. Determining sales target and how to achieve it with some analytics tools
  4. Managing the online and local advertisements
  5. Determining sell strategy by email marketing
  6. Setting segments of the customer to have retargeting advertising
  7. Checking the site and Shirztakhfif’s application to have standard UI/UX
  8. The created CRM system in Shiraztakhfif with a developer team.
  9. Managing the Instagram Shiraztakhfif page
portfolio shiraztakhfif

Managing Instagram page for

  1. Setting content strategy
  2. Managing graphist team, video producing, and motion graphist
  3. Writing content for every post
  4. Instagram page:

Managing Instagram

  1. Setting content strategy for the Instagram page
  2. Consulting to increase follower
  3. Instagram page of Offkado